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Magic Mirror

While the mirror is a kind of photo booth, there are some definite advantages here are our thoughts.

Picture quality

We use a Canon DSLR camera which is behind the plexiglass. Guests can stand much further away from the lens, great for group shots, The lighting can changed during the event within seconds


The mirror can sit discretely in the corner of even the smallest venue. Of course, there’s still a need to have a bit of floor space for the guests to stand on, but if space is at a premium, the magic mirror is definitely a must


The magic mirror is suited for kids and anyone with a disability including wheelchair bound. You can also get larger groups in the photo.


The magic mirror allow for a green screen backdrop but there are plenty more features to consider. There’s facial recognition software if you prefer to have props drawn on rather than being worn.The mirror’s unique design, full length images and option to sign the photos are also big hits, particularly with the kids.

Fun factor

Photo booths are all mega fun, but the magic mirror takes it up to a new level. The combination of the novelty factor and the ability to sign the pictures always creates interest with guests but, whichever you choose, fun is guaranteed.

Layouts and additional photo sets

The magic mirror prints out in  portrait (horizontal) which gives more flexibility in the print design. You can specify the ever popular 2×6” strip format, where two strips are printed each visit, there is also an option to select additional sets of prints (additional costs apply) to go in a guest book, which ever print out option you choose, with 321 cheese  you will receive all your images digitally after the event, via email